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Morning gals!  So, Ame and I are super excited to announce a special new part of our Style Me Mamie Blog called “BESTIE BORROW”.   If you are wondering what in the heck this could be or are just curious, then read along.  If your a blogger yourself, you may be extra super duper interested in this.  If you have been following our blog for a while now, than you would remember us doing the “Dress Off” competitions last summer.  If you aren’t familiar, check out this, this, this, and this.  But, basically it is where Amy and I took home the same item to style it up in a unique manner.  The next day, we entered the office and it was like a little surprise party to see how we were wearing that item.  Every time we have done this little activity, we have cracked up like never before and our followers seemed to love it as well!  It is always so much fun and it definitely allows you to see an item in a different light!

And since we enjoy this little competition so much, we thought we would bring others into the fun.  Throughout the month of August, we will be spreading the word of BESTIE BORROW across the blogosphere.  First, we are offering 10 bloggers the chance to each receive a item to style up and photograph, and then they will pass that item to one of their friends (doesn’t have to be a blogger) to wear and photograph.  Following the clothing exchange, the blogger will post their BESTIE BORROW photos and talk about their experience.  To clarify, there will be 10 separate items, and each of the 10 bloggers, keeps that item.

To enter for a chance to win a Shopmamie item for BESTIE BORROW, please embed one of the below BESTIE BORROW buttons on your blog and add your blog to our list.  You can do both of those things, here.  That is it kids, it’s as simple as that.  Oh, and I kindly forgot to mention, that if you don’t want to participate in the contest, but want to be part the BESTIE BORROWED phenomenon, then please embed a button on your blog, style up any item of your own with a friend, and add yourself to BESTIE BORROWED blog list, but you gotta add the button to your blog or your link will be deleted, sorry loves, it’s the rules.  Again, all of this can be done HERE.

We will be choosing the 10 bloggers throughout the first two weeks of August and chosen bloggers, will get an email from asking about their sizing and style, and following that, they will receive their item in the mail!

Lastly, we have a little something fun planned for Monday, so check back to see!

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